Developing a clear picture of your total financial life can seem a daunting task at first, but once completed, it can give you the confidence and reassurance that comes from knowing your money is working for you and not against you.  A financial plan can encompass something as simple as deciding on the allocation of your retirement plan assets, or as complex as building a stream of income over the next 30 years while minimizing taxes and leaving something for the grandkids.

Each situation is unique, and everyone deserves a thoughtful look at how to organize, research, modify, and monitor each facet of their financial life in order to achieve a set of reasonable goals.  Are you ready to sit down and take a look at getting a handle on your money?

Using a variety of the latest tools and years of experience, I can help you sort out things like allocating investments, debt management, college savings, deciding on a Social Security strategy, projecting retirement benefits, balancing different income streams to minimize taxes, and making sure you're ready for whatever might happen financially in the years ahead.

For comprehensive planning services, our starting fee is $3,600 for a 12-month engagement.  This will include detailed analysis and recommendations, with assistance in the implementation of the recommended strategies.  Our policy is to offer a first meeting at no charge for us to determine the value of working together, and no fee will be charged until mutually agreed upon.