Initial Introductory Meeting

For a one-time consultation to discuss your situation, needs, and the possibility of an ongoing relationship, I do not charge a fee.  This meeting is intended to determine whether my guidance is needed or desired.                                            


Guidance Relationship Engagement 

For those people who are seeking a comprehensive review of their current situation with detailed analysis and specific recommendations. This will include a discussion about their situation and objectives, the gathering of information, the development of a timeline and responsibilities, discussions to determine appropriate steps, the development of a detailed financial plan, the presentation of the recommendations and assistance in implementation. Fee includes a one-time $1,600 onboarding initial charge, then $250 per month charged quarterly in advance.


Managed Relationship Engagement

This relationship includes all of the analysis, recommendations, and implementation of the Guidance Relationship, plus the investment management of appropriate assets. Fee includes $1,600 onboarding fee, $250 per month, plus 0.75% annually on the first $1 million we manage, and 0.60% annually on any assets above $1 million. Fees are charged quarterly in advance.


Investment Management Only (no comprehensive planning assistance)

With this ongoing relationship for people who do not need comprehensive financial planning assistance, we use indepth discussions and a variety of tools to determine an appropriate investment allocation for you. We then implement this portfolio using the most tax-efficient vehicles to assist you in meeting your goals. We provide monitoring of the holdings, performance reporting, and regular updates to keep you informed and confident in your investment process. The fee for this relationship is a fixed $1,200 annual charge plus 0.75% annually on assets up to $1 million and 0.60% on assets above $1 million. Fees are charged quarterly in advance.