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The Services We Offer

Most of my clients come to me when they start thinking about shifting from working in their career to being more in control of their time. They have saved some money, and now wonder how to use these assets to maintain their lifestyle and start enjoying the next part of their lives.

I work with people in these situations on a daily basis, and I enjoy staying current on how to coordinate all of the different tools and techniques to effectively manage their financial assets.



After discussing where you are and where you would like to be, I will review your current cash flow, resources, and obligations and develop specific one-time recommendations to show you what is possible in organizing and managing your financial life.


This is a full-time
relationship that includes investment management,
regular updates, and ongoing fiduciary advice
regarding any question that concerns you financially.


Initial Introductory Meeting

For a one-time consultation to discuss your situation, needs, and the possibility of an ongoing relationship, I do not charge a fee.  This meeting is intended to determine whether my guidance is needed or desired.

Guidance Relationship Engagement

For those people who are seeking a comprehensive financial review with detailed analysis and specific recommendations. This will include a discussion about their current situation and approach, the gathering of information, the development of a timeline and responsibilities, discussions to determine appropriate steps, the development of a detailed financial plan, presentation of the recommendations and assistance in implementation. Minimum fee is $1,500 or $200 per hour for time spent. 

Managed Relationship Engagement

This relationship includes all of the analysis, recommendations, and implementation of the Guidance Relationship Engagement plus active and ongoing management of the investment portfolio. The fee is 1.00% annually on the first $1 million we manage, then 0.75% on assets above $1 million, with a minimum annual fee of $2,000. Fees are charged quarterly in advance.